Google Play Enjoys its Highest Quarter Yet

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

While everybody was contending whether Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the best cell phone yet or iPhone X is, Google Play saw its most elevated quarter at this point.

Cell phones are very nearly a need nowadays. They’re excessively well known to the point that if you don’t possess a cell phone, individuals would ask you which rock you’ve been living under for such a long time (and afterward the Patrick inside you becomes anxious). As per App Annie’s report, the worldwide application downloads on Google Play in the last quarter (Q4 2017) beat 19 billion which is record-breaking for Google Play. This pushes the lead that Google Play has over App Store as far as downloads to 145 percent, which is the biggest ever.

Markets, for example, India, Brazil, and Indonesia added to a 10 percent yearly development in the complete number of downloads. Truth be told, India outperformed the US in Q4 at the all-out number of downloads for iOS and Android consolidated.

The classes which are making it into the spotlight and are getting the most number of downloads are games, personalization applications, and money applications. You’ve as of now perceived how eagerly individuals were downloading finance applications when the supposed bitcoin bubble was all the while developing quickly?

With the expense season drawing nearer in the US and numerous different spots, the classification is relied upon to keep developing essentially this quarter. Because of Cyber Monday and Alibaba’s Singles Day, on iOS, the shopping class was all the publicity in Q4.

When it comes to in-app spending by the consumers, Q4 saw App Store leading Google Play with a 2x lead, which I’m sure you’ll agree, is quite a wide margin. Google Play fell short of App Store by $11.5 billion.

Like everything Apple and Google release, their app stores are often compared with each other. In a lot of features, such as the quality of apps, Apple’s App Store wins. In other features, such as the number of app downloads, Google’s Play store comes out as the clear winner.

If you’re one to think that Play Store is going to fall behind App Store whenever Apple releases a new update or changes some features, you aren’t anything but wrong. There are many ways in which Play Store is better than App Store.

The problem with Play Store that most people have faced till now is the fact that many of the apps available are fake, which can often turn out to be malicious for the users. But this is changing slowly with the new algorithms Google is implementing in Play Store.

Apps on Play Store would now be screened with the help of AI and the ones which don’t qualify as apps with quality would be removed. Moreover, Google is going to implement a few changes which the developers would have to adapt to ensure that their apps are relevant and secure for the users.

To tap on the benefits of having your app on Google Play, here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Change the target API of your app to the recent API. This would be necessary as Google is planning to implement this requirement in the latter half of this year. With this, Google plans to make sure that the apps are secure and perform well.
  2. Provide 64-bit versions of your app along with 32-bit versions. With the updated native libraries, developers would be able to provide 64-bit versions more easily. This change would be effective from August 2019, so you should start working on it as soon as possible.

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