What is predictive and preventive maintenance?

preventive maintenance

In the world of industrial manufacturing, it is very important to take good care of the machines. It is because in today’s world of automation if you fail to take care of the machines then the whole production line may become stagnant. This will affect the production rate and quality. Thus taking good care of the machine becomes a necessity in this regard. Now if you look in the maintenance sector of machines you will come across two terms. The first one is the Predictive Maintenance and the other one is preventive maintenance. Now the preventive maintenance simply means that you adhere to schedule in case of maintenance. In simpler terms, you get to work on the machines on a regular basis to keep on a check of the workings. Predictive maintenance is a new form of maintenance. Here the machines guide you as to what is wrong with it.

How predictive maintenance works and is it a better option?

Predictive maintenance employs different types of artificial intelligence technology in order to predict what might be wrong with the machine. For example, by the IVUM technology, the machines are connected with each other. With the help of time-sensitive networking, the machines take notice of every real-time problem and situation that goes around it.

Now by merging it with the motion system, it can very easily help you in developing the predictive maintenance mechanism. A predictive maintenance mechanism will let you know if anything is wrong with a machine. This, in turn, will let you take care of the beginning of the problem before it becomes a bigger issue. Thus employing the predictive maintenance mechanism is far more efficient than the preventive maintenance services.

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