Learn What Is the Difference between VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting

VPS Hosting

Shared hosting and VPS are the two main options available for people when it comes to selecting a web hosting service.

VPS hosting BitCoin is a reputed hosting provider that accepts financial transactions made with BitCoin. This article will tell you the important differences between these types of services in detail.

The server resources

Shared web hosting implies the sharing of your server resources. On the other hand, VPS acts as dedicated hardware units. As the website is effectively managed via a webmaster with the help of the control panel, users get a high level of customization on shared web hosting. 


High resources translate to high performance. VPS provides good bandwidth to users to offer better performance to users.

Shared hosting service also offers the latest technologies that ensure high performance, and hassle-free usability. Shared Bitcoin hosting has an upper hand as it provides higher ease of maintenance when compared to VPN.


VPN Bitcoin hosting has robust safety features. It enables the user to implement specific services to enhance their existing security level. Shared hosting is lesser safe than VPN, like all connected devices, and websites use a single common server.


In terms of price, Shared web hosting is the winner. This is quite obvious as the websites that use this kind of web hosting share a common web server. So, the price gets distributed among all the other websites that share this server.

This makes this type of web hosting to be affordable and the most economical option. In VPN Bitcoin hosting, users need to pay more for creating their personalized individual web hosting plan.


The important considerations when it comes to choosing a Bitcoin hosting service are costs, the scale of operations, and performance demands. All the above differences will help you decide what web hosting service is ideal for you as per your business needs.

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