10 Really Nifty Apps To Better Utilize Your WiFi Security Cameras

Nifty Apps

Looking for a hot list of cool apps to make your phone or tablet work with your WiFi security camera network? Check these top apps on the Google Play Store designed to connect Android devices with wireless security cameras:

  • “Foscam Viewer” by IPCamSoft – if you use Foscam home surveillance cameras, then Foscam Viewer is a great app for remotely viewing and manipulating the cameras. It even has audio support and can send screenshots to an email address. Just make sure your Foscam model is supported by the app in the first place.
  • “Foscam IP Camera Viewer” by IP Camera Viewer – this particular app is pretty much identical to the previous one by IPCamSoft, although the user interface has significantly larger icons to use. This app is then highly recommended to view the feed from home security systems on smaller Android smartphones.
  • “CamCloud” by CamCloud Inc. – if you are willing to create an account and play by CamCloud’s rules, then this particular app is a great all-in-one platform for a wide array of WiFi security cameras. It supports Foscam, D-Link, Axis TRENDnet and other manufacturers of WiFi surveillance cameras, and even captures footage when something moves on the video feed.
  • “tinyCam Monitor FREE” by Tiny Solutions LLC – if you want support for a wide array of digital cameras converted for surveillance purposes, then tinyCam Monitor Free is just the app to work with. It can work with basic M-JPEG formats, which basically all cameras are capable of producing. It can even connect up to 16 cameras on household security systems, displaying 4 screens at a time.
  • “zMEye” by meyetech – if you rely on white-label WiFi security cameras sourced from China, then zMEye is an app that you will definitely want to install on your phone or tablet. A little fiddling around with the settings and you can stream and control the feed of virtually any security camera connected to a wireless Internet access point.
  • “IP Tools” by AmazingByte – if your camera apps need information about your WiFi security cameras but you have no idea where to get this information, then IP Tools is an app to help solve your problems. It’ll mine vital information you will need, from the DNS gateways used by your internet service provider to checking for open ports on your network.
  • “IP Tools” by Heskja System – offers the same functionalities as its identically named counterpart, but offers a different, more colorful user interface. It all boils down to personal preference, really, so install both versions of IP Tool and see for yourself which one you prefer to work with!
  • “IP Camera Vault” by TWAPPS – this particular gold mine of information can be immensely useful if you need a little extra help setting up your WiFi security cameras. From various user manuals and video tutorials to articles discussing the role of antivirus software and port forwarding, IP Camera Vault is one app you’ll want to install if you’re new to setting up WiFi cameras.
  • “IP Network Calculator” by orbitingPluto – if you are already well-versed in setting up a WiFi security system and need a tool for monitoring network data on the fly – from CIRDR selectors to the number of usable IP addresses – then IP Network Calculator is the app for you. This is one of the go-to apps for updating networks/subnets/IP addresses in real time.
  • “CloudCorder IP Camera Recorder” by CloudCorder TV – need online storage to hold the footage captured by your WiFi security cameras? Install Cloud Corder, set up an account on their website and use the power of the cloud to store your archived footage.

Oh, and one last thing: make sure to install one of the more competent antivirus programs on your Android phone or tablet. The last thing you want to do is have someone else snooping in on the streaming feed of your WiFi security camera network because a worm found its way into your phone!

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