Parents, Please Hear Kids’ Activities on Phone and In Surrounds

Parents Kids’ Activities on Phone

While the widespread adoption of mobile phones and internet access has expedited our lives, it has also put our children in several dangers. There is not no surprise that the post-millennials dedicate most of their waking hours to their mobile phones and social media where they may expose to cyber-bullies, child predators, pornography, sex offenders, scammers, and online criminals. The more they remain stuck to their phones, the more likely they are to be the victim of online and offline threats. At this age, while parents are required to give their kids phones, they are also responsible to monitor the phone use of their children to protect them from the potential dangers in the real and cyber world.

Why is Cell Phone Monitoring Is Significant?

Do you know what messages your children exchange with their buddies or with strangers? Is the topic of hour-long private conversation of your girl known to you? Are you aware of your kids’ social media activities? These are the things that are highly important for parents to know. You must know whom your kids are in contact with and what are their activities nowadays. The cell phone of a person tells a lot about that person. For example, you can read your kid’s messages to know whom he is in contact with and the photos and videos in the phone gallery tell you about the recent activities and interests of your children. But would your kids allow you to check out their phones again and again? Of course, not!

Fortunately, several cell phone monitoring and parental control apps are particularly intended for parents to track the mobile phones of their children. Of the cell phone spy apps rightly available, TheOneSpy is an advanced and secure cell phone spying apps that allow remote monitoring and controlling the mobile phones of children. Installing the spy software on the cell phone of your offspring, you can distantly monitor all the activities performed on the monitored phones. You can read the messages received and transmitted by your children; track their location, monitor their internet use; track their social media accounts, and read their incoming and outgoing emails. All this stuff and more can be monitored from the online account of the tracking app. Parents can operate the spy app account from any mobile phone or computer device and check out their kids’ phone data anytime and from anywhere.

Monitoring Kids’ Activities on Phone and in Surroundings:

The cell phone spy app lets you monitor the activities of your kids performed on their cell phones. You can read the messages of your kids and see the contact details of the person who has made or received the messages. Meanwhile, you can listen to all the phone calls of your children without accessing their phones. The spy app records all the phone calls made and received on the target phone and enables parents to listen to these phone calls from the online account of the app. Meanwhile, you can monitor the emails, social media, and other online accounts of your kids with the help of a spy app.

As well as the activities performed on the monitored cell phone, the tracking app lets you monitor the activities performed in the surroundings of the phone. With the spy 360 surround listening feature of the spy app, parents can remotely operate the targeted phone’s camera and microphone. A command can be sent from the TOS account to turn on the phone camera to see the scenes and activities happening in the vicinity of the phone. Similarly, the microphone of the monitored device can be turned on to listen to the surrounding sounds and voices. Whether your kid is in school or on the playground, you can listen to his surrounding sounds and see the surrounding scenes remotely operating his phone camera, and microphone. These sounds and scenes let you know where your kid is and what is he doing. You can also detect if your kid is in trouble and needs your support.


Numerous reasons highlight the importance of the cell phone monitoring of children. You can keep tabs on their activities in the real and digital world and safeguard them from allow potential dangers.

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