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Spying culture has taken a toll. With every individual under the influence of the digital spectrum, it is convenient to say that if you want to stalk a person, you just need an internet-ready phone for that. But our phones contain our personal and professional details which are too previous to fall into the hands of cybercriminals or even stalkers.

And not just the people, businesses have also suffered financially at the hands of these cybercriminals. It all happened due to unregulated devices of the employees which gave a pathway to cybercriminals to launch their attack. To avoid such incidents, many businesses have started monitoring their employees’ devices with monitoring apps pre-installed on the company-provided devices.

The same monitoring apps are also used for different purposes such as to spy on one’s spouse or to monitor children. And due to its eclectic user base, spy apps are the talk of the town with many people wanting to know which one would be perfect for their use.

The top three most frequently used apps around are:

  • Spyzie
  • My

Since the top three apps offer all-in-all the same mainstream features, there are some features that are exclusive to these apps. Based on that we’ll decide who is taking the trophy home. Following are the common features found in all three apps:

  • Call monitoring
  • Contacts
  • Monitoring SMS
  • Monitoring Social apps
  • Monitoring Locations
  • Take Screenshots
  • View Browser history
  • Monitoring Photos
  • Monitoring Videos
  • Keylogger
  • Voice recorder
  • Monitoring Applications
  • Keyword alerts
  • Monitoring Emails
  • Wi-Fi Networks
  • View Calendar Entries

With all these common features, these apps have something distinct which makes them unique. Let’s look at those distinct features which are not found in the other two apps.


XNSPY is a promising app for those who wish to monitor their children, employees, or even spouse. As it consists of all those common features mentioned above, XNSPY offers some unique features in abundance which none of the two previously mentioned apps do. Watchlisting words, location and contacts is an important feature that may resemble the keyword alert feature offered in Mspy and Spyzie but XNSPY’s watchlisting feature caters to locations and contacts as well.

If the targeted device comes in contact with a watchlisted contact or enters into a watchlisted location, you are informed right away via an email. Similarly, when a watchlisted word is used, you will be able to see exactly when and where those words were used by the monitored user.

The Call Time Activity Punch Card is a feature that gives a weekly punch card displaying all the calls made along with their durations. Another unique feature of XNSPY is that it shows the top 5 callers and top 5 call durations, as well as, top 10 frequently-visited websites. Such an analysis enables the monitor to understand the activities of the targeted user. Other than all these features, the most distinct of all the features is that XNSPY allows the monitor to remotely control the targeted device. It can control the device from the control panel, for example, it can lock the targeted device, erase entire data, take screenshots and record the surroundings.

With such amazing features, the customer support staff is more efficient than Spyzie’s or MSpy’s customer support because XNSPY’s CS staff is professionally trained and 24/7 available to assist its users with all their queries. Other than that, the easy-to-understand interface invites people of all ages to easily navigate through the control panel. With all these conveniences for the customers, XNSPY aims to reach maximum customer satisfaction. That is why it’s priced lower than Spyzie and Mspy.


Spyzie has a unique feature called clue which shows all the suspicious activity on the device. It shows all the deleted files such as photos, videos, text messages, and even calls. Another feature called scheduled restriction allows parents to restrict their children from using the phone during certain hours of the day. Lastly, the feature Smart capture allows the monitor to turn on screen recording whenever a specific application is accessed. This feature is one of a kind and makes Spyzie intriguing for hardcore spies.

With a few of these cool features, the developers did not focus on the user interface because the slide menu on the control panel often glitches whenever the user scrolls up and down. Also, customer support is not efficient to provide a solution to the customer’s queries and expects users to find answers to their queries in the FAQs provided on their website. With such a situation going on, Spyzie is quite reasonable. But in comparison to XNSPY, it costs $10 more monthly, $2.6 more quarterly, and $3.34 more yearly.


There are no distinct features that Mspy offers except it can block websites from the device’s browser. Also, the pricing is too high as compared to the features it offers. All those features are conveniently available in apps with lesser prices and with a lot of other features as well. Also, many users have come up complaining that “their customer service is at times as useless as the letter g in lasagna.”


Given the above discussion, XNSPY is the most suitable app for all users who wish to spy or monitor anyone. It offers all the cool features at reasonable rates, meanwhile, Spyzie only offers 3 fancy features with a flitching control panel for the same price. Rather than wasting money, one should make some features that are a smart decision and compare the prices of all these apps and keep an eye out for recurring discounts. Other than that, we recommend you to go for XNSPY as it is a more reliable and cost-effective app for spying or monitoring anyone’s smartphone.

Elena Maline
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